Kategorier: Deckare Skönlitteratur


Kategorier: Deckare Skönlitteratur
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'The most gripping thriller I have ever read' GILLIAN McALLISTER
'As tender as it is terrifying' ABIGAIL DEAL
'I am trying to think of a book that has grabbed me by the throat more quickly' LINWOOD BARCLAY
'You won't be able to look away' SHARI LAPENA
'Heart-thumping and mesmerizing' ASHLEY AUDRAIN


There was someone in the house.

Home alone with her young children during a blizzard, a mother tucks her son back into bed in the middle of the night. Then she hears a noise - old houses are always making some kind of noise. But this sound is disturbingly familiar: it's the tread of footsteps, unusually heavy and slow, coming up the stairs...

In that split second, she has three choices.

Should she hide? Should she run? Or should she fight?


NIGHTWATCHING is the unmissable thriller of the year:

'Terrifying and unputdownable' KARIN SLAUGHTER
'Absolutely, breathtakingly superb' SOPHIE HANNAH
'A scalpel-sharp thriller' NIKKI SMITH
'I couldn't put it down' ALAFAIR BURKE
'Eerily atmospheric, pulse-pounding and unputdownable' SARAH PEKKANEN
'One of the most haunting, gripping novels I've read in a long time' KATIE GUTIERREZ