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av: Annica Karlsson Rixon, Jack Halberstam, Elena Botsman, Hana Kochetkova, Sasha Semyonova, Nadia Plungian, Dmitri Bartenev

Kategorier: Fotoböcker Fotografi Konst Särskilda fotografer
On June 11, 2013 a federal bill prohibiting minors from being informed about non-traditional sexual relationships was approved after its third reading in the Russian State Duma. Meanwhile, a group of people for whom the new law could have severe consequences arrived at a women´s camp on a remote island. This book…
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Isbn: 9789188031297

Utgivningsår: 20160913

Utgivare: Art and Theory

Mediatyp: BB

av: Annica Karlsson Rixon

Kategorier: Fotografi Genusvetenskap Genusvetenskap: transpersoner, transsexuella och intersexuella Konst Samhälle och kultur: allmänt Samhälle och samhällsvetenskap Sociala grupper
This book constitutes a series of entrances into an artistic research project exploring how queer community may emerge through photographic acts. Conducted through two artworks depicting queer lives in Russia State of Mind and At the Time of the Third Reading the research looks at possibilities to acknowledge…
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Isbn: 9789188031037

Utgivningsår: 20160824

Utgivare: Art and Theory

Mediatyp: BC