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av: Charlotte Cotton, Niclas Östlind, Iréne Berggren, Bo Madestrand, Anders Olofsson

Kategorier: Konst
Contemporary Swedish Photography Art and Theory presents Contemporary Swedish Photography, a unique and sumptuous book providing a much-needed overview over the field from the 1970s until today. With its generous format, the book introduces the reader to fifty-two acclaimed photographers, presenting their different…
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Isbn: 9789197998574

Utgivningsår: 20121212

Utgivare: Art and Theory

Mediatyp: BB

av: Patrik Andersson, Charlotte Cotton, Lars-Erik Hjertström Lappalainen

Kategorier: Fotografi Konst Konstformer
Swedish artist Lotta Antonsson s recent work recalls her fascination with the late 1960s and 70s, in a style where documentary and fiction blur in a merging of social and sexual revolutions, according to the essay by Patrik Andersson. From a process that utilizes techniques of collage and montage emerges a very…
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Isbn: 9789188031402

Utgivningsår: 20161202

Utgivare: Art and Theory

Mediatyp: BC