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av: Yelena Moroz

Kategorier: Barn och ungdom: skönlitteratur och sanna berättelser Barnböcker, ungdomsböcker och läromedel Skönlitteratur barn och ungdom: allmänt
Celebrate 25 amazing women throughout history with Mudpuppy’s Little Feminist Picture Book. With easy to process words by Yelena Moroz Alpert and colorful illustrations by Lydia Ortiz and Patrick Rafanan, this book is the perfect way to introduce young children to these inspiring women. Features artists,…

Isbn: 9780735361034

Utgivningsår: 20190716

Utgivare: MacMillan Ltd.

Mediatyp: BB

Isbn: 9780735353831

Utgivningsår: 20171003

Utgivare: MacMillan Ltd.

Mediatyp: BZ

Kategorier: Diverse Livsstil, hobby och fritid Pappersvaror
To celebrate a heritage rich in unique, exuberant, and iconic design from Christian Lacroix stationery and gift, the house reintroduces some of the most beloved artwork on our most popular gift items. Reacquaint yourself or someone in your life with two of the house’s most iconic designs with this double-sided…

Isbn: 9780735366206

Utgivningsår: 20200811

Utgivare: MacMillan Ltd.

Mediatyp: ZA