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av: Stanley Donwood, Robert Macfarlane

Kategorier: Skönlitteratur Skönlitteratur: allmänt
Somewhere on a salt-and-shingle island, inside a ruined concrete structure known as The Green Chapel, a figure called The Armourer is leading a ritual with terrible intent. But something is coming to stop him. Five more-than-human forms are traversing land, sea and time towards The Green Chapel, moving to the point…
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Isbn: 9780241986370

Utgivningsår: 20211104

Utgivare: Penguin Books Ltd.

Mediatyp: BC

av: Thom Yorke, Stanley Donwood

Kategorier: Konst Musik
This is the first ever book produced from inside the band Radiohead. It showcases more than 300 colour artworks, ranging from obsessive, insomniac biro scrawls to six-foot painted canvases, from scissors-and-glue collages to immense digital landscapes. It features a dialogue between Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood about…
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Isbn: 9781838857370

Utgivningsår: 20211104

Utgivare: Canongate

Mediatyp: BB