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av: The Captain

Kategorier: Humoristiska romaner Skönlitteratur
History that doesn’t suck: Smart, crude, and hilariously relevant to modern life. Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. Too bad it’s usually boring as sh*t. Enter The Captain, the ultimate storyteller who brings history to life (and to your life) in this hilarious, intelligent,…
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Isbn: 9780593189412


Utgivare: Penguin USA

Mediatyp: BC

av:Dave Eggers

Kategorier: Skönlitteratur Skönlitteratur: allmänt
When the decorated Captain of a great ship descends the gangplank for the final time, a new leader, a man with a yellow feather in his hair, vows to step forward. Though he has no experience, no knowledge of nautical navigation or maritime law, and though he has often remarked he doesn’t much like boats, he…
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Isbn: 9780525659082


Utgivare: Random House USA

Mediatyp: BB

av:Dave Eggers

Kategorier: Humor Livsstil, hobby och fritid
A hilarious, biting satire of the United States and its unpredictable leader from the best-selling author of The CircleThe grand ship Glory has been skilfully captained for years, but when its well-loved old skipper decides to step down, a new leader thrusts himself forward and a new era begins. The new Captain is…
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Isbn: 9780241989296


Utgivare: Penguin Books Ltd.

Mediatyp: BC